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September 7, 2019
Earning & Spending

There’s only two things you can do to gain more riches and that’s by Spending Less and Earning More.

Increase your earnings:

  • Spend less and earn more.
  • Increase your salary every 3 months - To earn more, you must learn more. Think about your salary as a number that grows every time you grow. There are plenty of ways to increase your knowledge and skills as an individual, such as books or websites, for e.g., www.coursera.org and www.linkedin.com/learning.
  • Be aware where you spend your time - Spend your time learning new skills, reading relevant books and finding mentors.
Summary: To earn more, you must learn more.
Google Side Hustle!

Invest in yourself and your future through self-development:

  1. Research - You get out what you put in. Read, learn and act accordingly.
  2. Plan for the future - We should all live in the moment, yet, ironically, when you plan for the future, this can also bring peace and happiness to your present moment, which is something that should never be ignored or overlooked.
  3. Discover what you enjoy - Finding the answer to this can provide you with an income later on in life, but it can also bring you a sense of fulfilment & no amount of money in the world can provide this feeling.
Summary: The value and potential that you possess through investing in yourself, is important enough that you simply have to give it the energy, space and time for it to grow and create results.

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