Freedom, and above all, freedom of thoughts.

What does freedom of thought mean to you? 

  • Freedom of thought is the beginning of many other freedoms. It is through freedom of thought that you start questioning your reality and build the courage to manifest your thoughts into the world, through the freedom of action, freedom of speech, and gaining true liberty.
  • To become free, you should learn to meet your primary needs without any effort — It is only after earning our basic needs (food, roof, energy, water, etc.) with minimal to no effort that we become free from our continues survivor’s thoughts such as “how am I going to pay my rent and bills?”. It is only then you can have the freedom to think and solve problems and issues that you want rather than solving problems that you need and your life dependents on them.
What does freedom of thought means to you?
“Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom” — Benjamin Franklin — 1722.
  • Once you become conscious and aware of your surroundings and hence achieving your freedom of thoughts, no exterior influences can take that from you, even if you are prisoned and taken away. The only way your freedom of thoughts can be taken away is ignorance and being oblivious about the power and effects your surroundings have on your ideas.
  • Reach your freedom of thought through awareness. Once you become conscious of your surroundings and start questioning, observing and answering the question “How elements of your surroundings can affect your everyday decisions and actions?”, you reach your freedom of thought.
  • For more detailed information about cognitive liberty in relation to technology please visit
Summary: “For why should my freedom to be handled and controlled by another’s conscience?”. Take control of your conscious.
It is freedom of thought that opens the path for all other freedom.

Totuus Quello Soprattutto

Nothing to say but write.

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