September 7, 2019
Justice (Order)
Order in any form (law, structure, system, guideline, principles, discipline, rule, code, etc.) can be used as a guideline for us to understand and comprehend our community as a whole.  

You do not throw the whole bag of tomatoes just because one is bad! Our mission should be gathering the best and eliminate the ineffective. We shouldn't throw away the entire myth, wisdom, religion and epics we have accumulated through millennials, just because we have had a bad experience through others with different motives and reasons. 

  • Law and order can be used as a guideline for us to understand and comprehend our community as a whole - A set of laws that are open to question and debate freely and easily. Set of guidelines that are easy to understand and comprehend and drafted & changeable in a simple but effective manner.
  • Law and order can help us to understand each other better - For us to create a healthy community and bring the community together, the bases/infrastructure of our thoughts and actions requires to share same purpose and objective. A fundamental standard that everybody can comprehend and freely respect. Something as essential as air, food, energy, something that we all agree without them, we can suffer! 
  • Laws and orders based on truth help us to define and clarify the nature of our existence, our universe and us as humanity - Structure and system allow us to comprehend any form of universal energy, in a way that we can redirect and use this energy toward accelerating our evolution and our path toward finding the absolute truth. 
  • Without order, we are going to be animals left out with imagination - Sounds dangerous! 
Summary: It is Order that can bring us all together as a whole.

Freedom without discipline is wasted creativity. Discipline without freedom of thought and action is wasted energy.
Totuus Quello Soprattutto

Nothing to say but write.

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