Eliminate Waste. Maximise effectiveness.

September 7, 2019
Eliminate Waste & Living Sustainably

Simplify your everyday living and reduce unnecessary loss.

In what level of awareness do you spend your time, natural resources, money, physical and mental energy and your space? How does it impact your wellbeing? Positive or negative?

  • Learn to refuse — Lack of will to refuse is the cause of a wasteful life.
  • Refuse to accept unwanted gifts — It is not rude. By taking an unwanted gift, you are demanding for more and cluttering your space!
  • Refuse to buy the latest gadget — Instead, Invest your money into the stock market. Add it to your saving. Pay your debt with it. Or, at least question your decision carefully and make sure your choice is respectful to your long-term wellbeing.
  • Refuse to pay extra on your bills — when you leave a room, turn off the light. In here you are also helping the planet and restoring natural resources.
  • Refuse switch tasking — Every time you switch-task from one project to another, your mind has to take a few steps back and process where it has left off. Every few steps back are wasted time and energy.
  • Productivity is not only about time. Productivity is also about how effective you spend your energy — For example, alcohol reduces energy, drink less or no alcohol. Constant eating means your body is continuously burning energy to digest, eat consciously or start fasting.
  • Learn to reduce — Reduce what that does not contribute to your wellbeing and increase what that contribute the most. Some examples are…
  • Reduce unnecessary items from your surroundings and space — Simplify your life; the result is profound.
  • Reduce your cost — NowTV, Netflix, Rakuten, Apple TV, Youtube Premium!? Choose one and save/invest almost £/$40 per month (480per/year) by eliminating the rest.
  • Reduce unnecessary energy consumption — Using low energy light bulbs means you can save money as well as natural resources.
  • Reduce the amount of series you watch every day — Spend your time wisely.
  • Reduce your mental and physical energy consumption on what that is not valuable — Such as worrying about events and circumstances that are not in your control. Always stay in a meditative state to preserve your mental energy and learn to spend your energy effectively and efficiently toward your objective. Be the Henry-Ford of your own life.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend commuting to work — Get a job locally. Promote your skills to local businesses. Think outside the box and start providing services to your neighbours. Check this out... Worksity.co.uk
  • Reuse the space that you are already paying for — Public library, the local university, spare bedroom, local hotels or even your garage can save you hundreds of £/$ instead of renting an office. Or reuse your garden to grow your own fruit and veg.
  • Reuse the already preheated oven to cook for today and tomorrow — In here you saved money, time, natural resources and energy!
  • After you have refused, reduced, and reused; hopefully, there is not much left to recycle — Make sure to separate your trash so that those resources can be reused instead of filling our landfills.
  • You can not recycle time — Spend it wisely
  • Turn your food scraps into high-quality fertiliser — Get a worm bin and let them turn your waste into high-quality fertiliser for your front/back garden to grow your own fruit and veg. Reuse your garden and recycle your food waste.

Reducing your waste, lighten the economical burden on your shoulders.

How do you spend your 24 hours?
Nurture and grow our natural resources. Do not burn it.

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