About Isles Of Empyrean
A Note To Our Readers.

Isles Of Empyrean is a web-book focusing on building profitable communities to enhance the well-being of each member from every community. We believe the solution is to re-introduce our communities with a ‘direct connection’ approach, creating more face-to-face interactions that will increase the well-being of every individual and the society as a whole.

Three Roots & Seven Branches

My articles focus on raising awareness surrounding ‘how to build profitable communities’. So every member from every community gets the change to enhance their wellbeing with minimum effort.

Also, readers can look at this as writing a collective book together, that concerns ‘how to build profitable communities’. So your feedback and engagement on each piece are crucial.

We believe the solution is to re-introduce our communities with a ‘direct connection’ approach, creating more face-to-face interactions that will increase the wellbeing of every individual and the society as a whole, thus beginning a significant change.

All of the information you will read in my articles has been separated into three categories; EnvironmentEconomy and Social.

The Environment section has been separated into two different branches;

  1. Us as Individuals and our inner-selves.
  2. Everything that surrounds and goes outside of our inner selves.

The Economy section has been separated into three branches;

  1. Earning & Spending, which provides impartial information about our economy and gives us a basic understanding of money.
  2. Saving & Investing, give us unbiased and primary information about how to double and increase your wealth and as a result, our community’s economy prospers in the most effective, safe and efficient way.
  3. The third branch of the Economy section explains how eliminating our day to day waste can affect our life’s prosperity and our community’s economy entirely.

The social vibrancy section has been separated into two different branches; Freedom & Order/Law.

  1. We need freedom & we emphasise freedom of thought because it opens the path for all other freedom.
  2. We need order/universal-values, so we can understand each other as individuals through defined and based on truth sets of beliefs and values, which helps us create a better bond between members of each community. The universal-values are only possible if we all follow the same path and that maybe through finding the absolute truth first, to find the reason behind our existence, so one day we can move away from our ideologies and biases.

The information detailed on these articles isn’t solely enlightenment or revelation based and isn’t from an unknown source or origin. The guidance, advice and direction we offer are what we have repeatedly acknowledged and learnt from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, which we have consciously and subconsciously decided to listen to, ignore or misinterpret.

Everything you’ll find here stems from human-based experiences and reasoning. Everything you read has been passed down to us by our elders in the form of knowledge and wisdom.

You’ll discover the fundamentals that can help you answer the question “is this in accordance to the universal truth?”, while not needing the help of anybody else to answer the question, because the absolute truth is already encoded within us. All we need to do is help one another define and comprehend it. Deep down, you know what is beautiful, true, kind for your community and what is ugly, illusion and cruel. Make your decisions according to the absolute truth, which you have defined and comprehended within you.

In these articles, the goal is to gather, define and organise all that is true, in relation to our communities living, for people to read and take action toward. The absolute truth has been gathered from many books and wise men, women and God’s! From the past, present and future! I don’t claim the information my own because we, as humans, are all influenced and seeds of one another. Creativity comes from inspiration, not the absolute unknown, as we’re all creative.

The knowledge and wisdom you’ll find have been defined and clarified from generation after generation for us to comprehend and easily understand, so we can follow the tradition of practising, learning and pass it to our next generation.

My request to my readers is, If the information makes sense to you, apply it, if it doesn’t, and you know better, please share it amongst your family, us (write comments below articles), friends and the world. Respecting and trying to understand ancient wisdom or having the right mentor is helpful and necessary. I don’t encourage you to imitate blindly and follow others, because that distracts and confuses you from finding your true self. So challenge what you read.

‍Moreover, I am not trying to say you will not find mistakes in my pieces, because we are all disposed to make mistakes. The goal of these articles is to recognise what is not the truth and eliminate it from these articles and change them with what is true. And for this to happen, I do require your comments, feedback, insights and wisdom to be shared with me and other readers. So please feel free to engage with me and others in the comment section below. Some of the information might be scientifically posterior in comparison to the science we have now, therefore, our job is to continually update and inform each other of the absolute truth with the wisdom to go alongside it.

As we evolve, the goal is to simplify, develop and modify the information within these articles, so readers can look to it as their foundation, because it has been collecting all that is the ‘absolute truth’ in relation to building profitable communities for all, in one place. I want everyone to understand the context within it and relate to it, because it speaks the ‘absolute truth’.

Together we can build profitable communities for each member’s wellbeing.

      Environment (Ecosystem Health)

      In here, we focus on building awareness of the elements that create the environment side of our communities and its influences on our everyday life. 

      People as individuals and self-awareness - You are an atom and part of an organic form. Heal yourself, and you are automatically healing the world. 

      Our surroundings and influences - The goal is to show you how our surroundings have impacts on us and our decisions.

      Economy Prosperity

      The main goal behind reaching economical prosperity is that people of a society get the chance to earn their basic needs (food, roof, energy, water, etc.) with minimal to no effort and as the result of that, we can gain freedom of thoughts. We get chances to ask questions beyond “how am I going to pay my rent and bills?”. And in a capitalist world, we can do that by teaching individuals, whom as a whole create the global market, about three pillars of the economy — 

      Earning & Spending - The goal is to make you aware of your finances.

      Saving & Investing -
      This is to help you increase the value of your wealth, teach you how to contribute and be part of building a growing economy.

      Simplify your everyday living and reduce unnecessary loss. -
      In what level of awareness do you spend your time, natural resources, money, physical & mental energy and your space? How does it impact your wellbeing? Positive or negative?

      Social (a vibrant life)

      The basic idea behind chaos and order can be the leverage behind our fast evolution toward finding the absolute truth and the purpose behind our existence: accident or reason.

      Order - For us to create a healthy community and bring the community together, the bases/infrastructure of our thoughts and actions requires to share the same purpose and objective. A fundamental standard that everybody can comprehend and freely respect. Something as essential as air, food, energy, respect, something that we all agree without them, we can suffer! 

      Freedom, and above all, freedom of thought - Freedom of thought is the beginning of many other freedoms. It is through freedom of thought that you start questioning your reality and build the courage to manifest your thoughts into the world, through the freedom of action, freedom of speech, and gaining true liberty.

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